An attorney is your business partner when you are a self-employed. He should know your business from top to bottom and should be able to assist you with any problem that may arise, but more so, AVOID PROBLEMS THAT MAY TURN INTO LITIGATION. Spend a little now, to save a lot later!! Litigation is costly and time-consuming. A business owner has a hard enough time running their business, let alone running a business and dealing with a legal problem. With almost 10 years experience in a multi-million dollar vegetable seed corporation and a sole proprietor, Eddie C. Torres understands your concerns and has dealt with business matters, from formation to dissolution, and everything in between.

Whether it’s a contract you need or assistance in a negotiation, The Law Office of Eddie C. Torres is your business partner for insurance issues, contracts, personnel matters, policies, and procedures, etc.

We can assist you with legal and regulatory requirements and risk management now, to avoid the pitfalls later!